A Love Letter From My Daughter

A Love Letter

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day. After a day (Monday) filled with lots of puking from a very tiny 5 year old, we were exhausted and worried about her because the child can’t afford to lose any weight. Luckily she managed to keep all of her medicine and some food down so I think she’s on the … [Continue reading]

Sickness Found Us

It started out as a pretty great weekend. I found some time to clean the house, work for a few hours and squeeze in some exercise on Saturday. Spent some time on the floor playing with the kids which I always love to do. Baked them some muffins, gave them some cuddles…overall it was pretty … [Continue reading]

Getting Serious About Getting Out of Debt

I’m fairly certain that generations before me had no such thing as debt to worry about. If you didn’t have the money saved to buy something, you … [Continue reading]